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Plywood Suppliers in Yamunanagar
#1 Plywood Suppliers in Yamunanagar

Complete making process of prefect Our Plywood


Responsibility towards the people and towards the planet has been a way of life for us for the past decades. We manufacture product without disturbing the Mother Nature. Plantation timber is used to manufacture no compromise Nut Wud. Each log is selected by wood experts before sending for the further processing.


Advance machineries, like hydraulic and spindle less peeling machines, are installed in the plant for the peeling to get uniform thickness veneers from high density selected log. This is the first step to manufacture defect free plywood and other panel products.


The plant has one of the best and finest infrastructural setup with state-of- the- art equipments. Moisture in core and panels plays an important role in plywood bonding strength. To meet with this requirement, jumbo dryers are installed to get the uniform moisture content in wood veneer. Each core and panel veneer passes through dryer at fixed temperature and speed.


Production of Nut Wud is supported by number of hydraulic presses with are installed from India's best press manufacturer. Each hot press is handled by experience and expertise supervisor which offers a uniquely made plywood range of products. This is the reason why flawless and straight line finish in sides of Nut Wud is so different and unique.


Board section is equipped with numerous assembly tables for manufacturing of board and doors. The board section is supported with latest machineries like finger joint machine; rip saw, band saw and jumbo size chambers. Experienced and expert persons take care of quality of board and door and assure the gapless filling of battens inside the board and door. Wider frame and battens are used to increase the nail holding capacity of board and door.


Production is supported by numerous assembly tables. For each press there is more than one assembly table. Experience assemblers in the supervision of supervisor do the flawless assembly and special care is taken to avoid the gap or any overlap of core and panel. Use of wide core and panel makes Nut Wud stronger inside and smother outside. Huge number of Glue spreaders is installed to support the production of Nut Wud. A regular inspection is done to maintain the spreading of glue to veneers.


Cutting of the plywood is done by double dimension chain saw which insures the precise cutting of the panel. Diamond cutter is used for the smooth side cutting. Utmost care is taken to avoid the deviation of size either ion width or length.


Wide belt sander is installed from one of the best supplier of wide belt sander which plays a major role in finishing of products.