BWR Plywood

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BWR Plywood

BWR plywood or boiling water-resistant plywood, as the name suggests, is highly water-resistant plywood. It is completely waterproof and is widely used to make furniture for home, office as well as outdoors. BWR plywood is made from phenolic resins.

This kind of plywood is highly resistant to water and humidity, as the name says. It is also an exterior grade plywood which is ideal for semi-outdoor and outdoor applications. Because of its waterproof and weather-proof properties, it is best suited for making furniture such as lawn chairs, garden tables, outdoor swings, etc., which gets exposed to adverse and rough climatic conditions in the outdoors. It is also generally used for meeting the furniture requirements inside the home, like the ones that are placed on the terrace, balcony or any other place which witnesses significant weather variations.

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1. It can be used for making cabinets and furniture of the kitchen. This kind of plywood also finds its application in the making of wall units and storage units for the bathroom.
2. BWR plywood is specially treated so that it could withstand a high-moisture environment.
3. It is chemically treated with selected preservatives to seal it off from termites and pests.

Standard Thickness : 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm 18mm, and upto 50mm
Length : 5ft to 8ft
width : 2.5ft to 4ft