Decorative Flush Door

Decorative Flush Door Manufacturer in Haryana

Decorative Flush Door

Decorative doors are doors that are used for aesthetic purposes, and they do not allow access to any storage areas. They are often used on cabinets and furniture.

Decorative doors are available in many of the same moldings and features as traditional cabinets, and they can be constructed from several types of wood.

1. Large range of designs & combinations: Give your entry door the look you have been searching for with our large choice of unique patterns and designs.
2. Quality materials: Made of gravity die cast aluminium – chosen for its rust resistance, durability and strength.
3. Custom built: Custom-made and installed to fit almost any size opening.

Standard Thickness : 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm upto 50mm
Length ,Width: Customise
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Dimension Length,Width + 5mm Thickness + 1mm Within Limits
General Flatness Twist, Cupping, Warping Not To Exceed 6mm
Local Planeness Depth of deviation at any point to be less than 0.5 mm Within limits
Impact Indentation Test Depth of Indentation not to exceed 0.2 mm Within limits
Buckling Test Initial deflection - 50 mm residual deflection - 5 mm Within limits
Slamming Test No visible damage after Test No visible damage
Varying Humidity Test No visible warping, twisting or de-lamination No such defects observed
Knife Test Minimum Pass Standard Excellent
Glue Adhesion Test No de-lamination No de-lamination